Educational Indoctrination
  • Teaching what thoughts to have as opposed to how to think critically through a problem
  • Say No to CRT or 1619 Project
  • Once top rated schools are now among the worst
Homelessness ~ 3 Fundamental components of homelessness:
  • Don’t earn enough to get into a place HOUSING
  • Mental Illness
  • Drug Use
  • High cost of Living
  • High Taxes
  • Restrictive Regulations
Small Business Growth
  • Ease  Requirements to open Small Businesses
  • Protect Small Business Owners during Pandemic
Racial Reconciliation & Opportunity 
  • Heal the Racial Divide
  • Provide Equal Opportunity for all people
Religious Repression
  • Allow for the free practice of ones Religious beliefs
Control of Big Tech
  • Big Tech must be reigned in
  • It can no longer pick winners and losers
  • Social Media should be free of censorship
Proper Water Resource Management
  • Provide ample water supply for farmers and citizens
  • Build more Dams for Storage
  • Stop flushing fresh water out to the Pacific Ocean
  • Consider de-salinization plants along the Coast
Better & Safer Forest Management
  • Clear Forest of dead brush and rebuild timber industry in California
  • This would help reduce the number of wildfires in California

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