Who Should Represent Assembly District 10?

Incumbent Jim Cooper is not up to the job.
Meet Eric Rigard
Assemblyman Jim Cooper

A Message from Eric

We Californians have been over-taxed and under-represented for years. Our representatives no longer represent our interests. We must reclaim control here in the 10th Assembly District where Jim Cooper has voted against the will of the people. 

California’s luster is beginning to fade. We need to act now to restore the greatness of the Golden State. It’s time that “We the People” stand up and take control of our out-of-control government. Will you join me in taking back California?

Your support will go along way to recapturing our once great tradition of being a leader in the United States of America.

Jim Who??

While in the Legislature Jim Cooper has spent his time co-sponsoring the State of California’s “Sanctuary State Law; the Job Killing AB 5 eliminating independent contractors and freelancers; SB 145, better known as the “Pedophile Law”, which reduces consequences for sexual crimes with a minor where there is a 10 or fewer years age difference; and he voted for AB 2218 Transgender Hormone Therapy for Kids, which has been proven by Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles to sterilize kids who have this therapy before they enter puberty.

While there are those who can stomach such laws, I can not!

I will fight for You and Your Family. Your Second Amendment rights, the Sanctity of Life, and I will always listen to and work for You, the voters of the 10th District.

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