Meet Eric

Eric Martinez Rigard is a long-time resident of Elk Grove, California where he lives with his wife Jackie and his youngest daughter Kayla.

An active member of Calvary Christian Center and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) Clergy Forum, Mr. Rigard has a deeply held interest in good government and policies that serve the community, not the politicians.

He decided to run for office when he researched his Assemblyman’s voting record on issues of importance to the 10th Assembly District. He found that Assemblyman Jim Cooper often abstained from voting, perhaps to avoid being held accountable for his party’s “progressive” approach to policy now in play in Sacramento.

Eric Rigard will show up and vote on the tough issues. He will protect taxpayers while supporting programs for those truly in need of assistance. He will vote to solve serious issues such as homelessness and substandard education, and will not give preference to deep pocket special interests who donate heavily to politicians.

Eric’s focus will be on:

Personal Responsibility – emphasizing voting, unity, non-violence and racial equality
Government Accountability – including police accountability, immigration, balanced budgets with funding transparency
Economic Opportunity – lower regulations, opportunity zones, unions, school choice with curriculum approval and tax credits or scholarships

Tell Eric about the issues that are of greatest concern to you!

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