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District 10 has been overlooked for way too long. We need solid representation now.

Eric Rigard will show up.

In the News

Election ’22: Rigard goes on second run for Assembly seat

Eric Rigard, who challenged Assembly Member Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, in last year’s California State Assembly District 9 election, will once again run for that seat in the 2022 race.

District 9, which includes Elk Grove, extends from south Sacramento to Lodi.

Cooper, a former Sacramento County sheriff’s captain, announced last December that he is interested in running for Sacramento County sheriff in 2022. However, he has not yet ruled out the possibility of seeking a fifth term as an Assembly member next year.

Rigard, a Republican who lives in Elk Grove, told the Citizen that he feels he will have greater success in the 2022 election.

On the Issues

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 Why People are Moving Out of California

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